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The Junkers watch brand stands for solid handcraft made in Germany. Hugo Junkers founded the company Junkers & Co. in Dessau in 1895. As an engineer, he devoted all his attention to the aircraft, its construction, its airline and engine construction. He was also a brilliant inventor in gas technology. In 1997, his family transferred the rights to the name Point tec Electronic GmbH from Ismaning near Munich for the manufacture of watches. The collections consist of watches, which sometimes more, sometimes less refer to special flying events from all over the world. Whether in honour of the legendary flying machine "Ju52" or the first ocean crossing in 1928 - more than 20 collections of Junker watches have been dedicated to important events.

Pilot Watches - Robust, modern and extravagant

The pilot's watches convince by their extraordinary robustness, an extravagant design and their long life. One of the collections of the watches is for example the "Atlantic Flight East-West" series, which was the first collection to make the hearts of watch lovers beat faster. In the style of the 1920s, the noble collection "Art Deko Flatline Lady" presents itself for women who know what they want. "Himalaya Pearls", "Berlin Tempelhof", "Edition Eurofighter", "Höhenrekordflug F13" or "Dessau 1926" are only some of the many collections. The pilot's watches are both elegant and extremely functional. High demands on quality and workmanship have been incorporated into the manufacture of watches. Aesthetically they are provided with striking designs: From classic expression to puristic character - the models have the right pilot's watches for every taste.

Junkers chronographs for stylish timekeeping

The scratch-resistant mineral glass, the typical corrugated iron design of the dial, which is reminiscent of Junkers airplanes, and practical functions are just some of the features that give the watches a high recognition value. Screwed case backs, handcrafted leather and robust stainless steel bracelets, water-resistance and an unmistakable character make the chronographs particularly distinctive. Small details such as gold-plated hands or Roman numerals give these special chronographs a remarkable flair. The chronographs are available as quartz and automatic watches and can be worn for any occasion.

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