TIYL - Wristband Caoutchouc, Ambassador Collection - Michael Gogl

TIYL - Wristband Caoutchouc, Ambassador Collection - Michael Gogl
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TIYL - Wristband Caoutchouc, Ambassador Collection - Michael Gogl

Stylish Caoutchouc Wristband

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Time is your Life - Ambassador Collection - MICHAEL GOGL Special Edition



This wristband was produced in collaboration with the professional bicycle racer Michael Gogl. He is a world-class racer and drives in well-known races such as “Le Tour de France”, "Vlaanderens mooiste", or World Championships. We are very proud to have Michael on board. His big heart for people who are not as fortunate, limited in their possibilities or length of life, make him a perfect ambassador for TIME IS YOUR LIFE. For this reason, we have decided to design a signed wristband with him. An absolute must-have for every cycling fan.

High-quality workmanship paired with a stylish look

The rubber wristbands of the TIYL SUPPORTER COLLECTION are colourful, trendy, and social. Next to a stylish look, it is especially the high-quality workmanship of the bands that is immediately noticeable. All wristbands are manufactured in Germany, sustainably produced, and absolutely skin-compatible. In addition, the wristbands keep their perfect form despite frequent wearing.

 Do a good deed - TIYL

By purchasing a TIYL wristband, you not only receive a new precious accessory, but also make a valuable contribution and do a good deed! Every wristband conveys our business philosophy and carries the slogan “Time is your life”: We live and love the time and see every second of it as a gift. For this reason, we decided to start a non-profit organization in 2015. For every TIYL product sold, the company TIYL will donate 20% of the proceeds to support the “Verein für Sozialprojekte – TIME IS YOUR LIFE.” With your help, we can make a valuable contribution and help support charitable projects.


Gift yourself or your loved ones and help us support fellow human beings in need. TIYL means bringing joy to others and yourself!



hersteller TIYL
gender unisex
type sporty
band colour white
Collection TIYL Armbänder
material rubber
Adcell Event 12677,12678

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